The year 2017 has little or nothing in terms of investments from Public Investment Budget and other stakeholders. This year, there is the construction of a block of two classrooms, with forty benches, two chairs and two tables. Also, the project for the selection of the best livestock rearer in the Municipality, road maintenance 2017 (from Dom to Mbam – 3 kilometers and from Enjong to Enteh – 1.5 km) and the disenclavement of the Municipality with the opening of new roads ( from Nyalin to Kochi, 1.4km and from Ebanya-Nkor to Muntali, 3.5km) as well as the rehabilitation of the Etem–Nkor to Ebanya –Mbinon road from the Council funds.

The Council also signed a convention with PNDP to carry out the following activities: the update of the Council Development Plan (CDP), production of the Council quarterly magazine, committee for the maintenance of infrastructures, support to the follow-up committee and the recruitment of a Consultant in the domain of Hydraulics, Public Works and Construction to carry out feasibility studies for seven (07) earmarked projects by the Council from a long list of problems.

On the other hand, the recruitment of a supplier to install the acoustics of the Noni Community Radio “Voice of Noni” and the final supply of the radio equipment and installation, enabling the radio to go operational, ushering in a new dispensation in the area.

Secondly, the recruitment of two technicians, reporters, broadcasters and volunteers to integrate the Muslim or minority community as being an integral part of the Council, being equal to the indigenous.

Thirdly, the radio has come to serve as a mirror through which the society can see the Council activities since the Council should be a glass for the society to witness the decentralisation process and good governance.

In another development, the Mbororo Cultural and Development Association (MBOCSUDA) is constructing a new water catchment, rehabilitation of the old water tank, protection of the catchment area and extension of water to GS Nkoll – Enkoweh as well as to the Muslim community in Enkoweh. This organisation has formed a platform to solve problems between the farmers and grazers. Consequently, they are out to promote alliance farming between the farmers and grazers to the benefit of the society.

Lastly, there is the planting of improved pasture at Enkoweh. The incomplete Council Town Hall has received a face saver from FEICOM (Mutual Support to Councils) to the tune of 39 million for the completion of the Council Town Hall. A structure which could be likened to Down Street in London and at the end of the world, where small is beautiful. Thus, the Council, after completion, will fully operate in the building.

To conclude, LIFIDEP (Livestock and Fisheries Development Projects) has earmarked a series of projects to be carried out in partnership with the Council and the Village Development Associations (VDAs). These projects include a Dip in Lassin, a meat sales slab at Mii, a meat sales slab at Ngeptang, a veterinary centre at Nkor, a Community Hall at Bunti – Djottin, rehabilitation of the water catchment in Mbesa and extension of water from Ngai-Din to Shiew.

From another perspective, funds earmarked for the road construction from Tolon to Misaje will be transformed into the provision of additional amenities to the Municipality to alleviate poverty and impact the lives of the common people.