Road infrastructure is one of the cardinal structures that enhance the speedy development of an area because a good road network has a multiplier effect on other economic activities as well as improving on the social life of the people.

It is in this light that Nkor Council, led by Mayor Wache has embarked on opening up new roads in the Municipality with priority given to farm-to-market roads in a bid to boast food production in the area.

Poor road network is certainly a hindrance to development because in a situation where a majority of the population is agrarian, other socio-economic as well as commercial activities are slowed down. This is explained by the fact that movement from one place to another is difficult. Traders from other areas find it difficult to attend the markets.

In the case of Nkor Municipality, which is basically agricultural, the situation is even worse owing to the fact that transportation of crops from to the markets is a problem to the farmers and this discourages them from cultivating on a large scale in spite of the suitable climate and rich alluvial soil in most parts of Noni Municipality.

Considering that the plains of Noni Municipality and the verdant valleys, especially the areas along the rivers Ntaan, Mii and Mbim, are very fertile coupled with a suitable climate, there is always a high yield in food production in the said areas. With this, farmers have always had difficulties in transporting crops from their farms. In this regard, Nkor Council saw the dire need to continue to embark more on the construction of farm-to-market roads to link the main settlement areas so as to facilitate transportation of crops from the farms.

Newly Constructed Roads In The Municipality:

This year 2017, the newly constructed roads include the following:

Opening up of the Asha to Gwenbvule road: With this new development, the people of Gwenbvule will now smile after the digging of the road to link them to the Asha quarter. Gwenbvule, which is about three kilometers from Asha in Nkor, is a settlement area with the population involved mainly in agricultural activities. It should be noted that the settlement in this area was because of the fertile nature of the area. There is no gainsaying that this has attracted many to the area who are interested in farming. The major problem thereafter has been how to have whatever is harvested reach its final destination. The construction this road is a source of hope and relief to the people.

Opening up of the Road from Dom to Mbam-Dom: This area along river Mii is also very fertile. It deposits a lot of rich alluvial soil along its river banks attracting farmers to concentrate on farming in the area in spite of the distance they have to cover in order to transport their food crops from their farms to the market.

Opening up of the road from Enjong to Enteh: The farmland after Enteh quarter is also one of the main areas where the farmers of Mbinon go to do farming. The newly constructed road from Enjong to Enteh will facilitate a lot in the transportation of crops from the farms to the market. It should also be noted that, the cold climate around the forest, not far from Enteh quarter, is suitable in the cultivation of Irish Potatoes. It is worth noting that potato is a rare crop in other areas of Noni.

Opening up of the Road from Ebanya to Muntali (Nkor area): Muntali is a rich cultivable area with some permanent settlers who are there, most probably because of the fertile soil that is deposited along the banks of river Kibanya that flows through the area. It was, therefore, necessary to construct a road to link the area to Lassin and Nkor villages so that crops from the area could be easily transported toNkor and Lassin markets.

Opening up of the Road from Nyalin to Kochi: Nyalin and Kochi are two neighbouring quarters in Nkor village which appear as though they have been cut apart from each other because movement from one area to the other requires one to go round almost making a circumference to reach the other quarter. With the opening of this road, transportation of crops as well as movement of people from the farmlands of Kibavuke and Engvum passing through Kochi will become easy.

This economic development will surely encourage the cultivation of more crops as farmers will now be sure of transportation of their crops from the farmlands.

By extension, the opening of new farm-to-market roads will have a multiplier effect on other socio-economic activities. For instance, the bike riders will be involved in more activities and, from a sociological perspective, crime wave will reduce as culprits or people of the underworld can easily be trapped down as the case may be.

The cultivation of more food crops will also attract more traders into the Municipality as they will attend the markets to purchase farm products. Most importantly, is the fact that the Council revenue will also improve with payment of revenue into the Council by the traders.

By Ngaiwi Emmanuel Ndi