The Nkor Council, in its continuous effort to disenclave the Municipality and improve on communication, decided to construct a temporary bridge on River Montui, a bridge that links Bamti to one of its quarters, Bamti over side and Vun village as well as Fonfuka in Boyo Division.

Furthermore, this is one amongst the projects submitted by Councillors as priority needs of the population. The project was conceived during a visit to the site by the Council Executive, consultants and other stakeholders involved in the process, which came with feasibility studies for the construction of a to disenclave the mentioned areas.

There is the availability of natural resources in large quantities in this neighbouring quarter including sand, stones and wood. Secondly, there is a giant palms plantation owned by the Diocese of Kumbo as well as the farm of the Prime Minister and Head of Government of Cameroon. This demonstrates the agricultural potentials of the area. Bamti is the economic heartbeat of Din village, under the leadership of one of their Fons – HRH Fon Solomon. Farming here is not only done by the indigenes but also by people from the neighbouring villages of Vun, Nso and Oku. This accounts for the increased production of corn (maize) cocoyam, groundnuts and plantains all cultivated in this fertile low lying area of Bamti. The rearing of animals like Cows, Sheep, Goats, Pigs is predominant because settlement is sparse.

This explains why Bamti and this quarter - Bamti Over Side – has become the centre of attraction in Agriculture and Animal production because people from Noni, Nso, Oku and Boyo largely depend on crop production from the area for their livelihood. The Bamti market has buyers from the whole of Bui and right to Boyo and Donga Mantung Divisions.

Therefore, the Council has, via the construction of a temporary bridge, the objective to promote the local economy and improve on the collection of local revenue. With improvement on the collection of local revenue, the Council will generate more revenue to be able to foster similar development exercises in the other villages of the Council area. This particular exercise should be emulated by other communities or Village Development Associations to enhance the Noni Development agenda hoping that all hands shall be put on deck for joint success.

More so, the other places in the Council area are fertile, but this one called for an exceptional attention because of its multi-dimensional contributions which it has made, not only to the Noni people, but also to the population of Nso, Oku, Bui and Boyo Division. It has considerably improved on the socio-economic life of the indigenes as a result of increased crop and animal yields. It has improved family income, school enrolment and has led to the participation of the Mbororo community in the education programme helping them to attend the nursery and primary schools, vocational and agricultural training as well as pursue secondary. The people of the area now enjoy health services of the Bamti health centre to cater for their well being.

To conclude, therefore, the construction of the bridge is a stitch in time that saves nine, given that the farmers in the area will be motivated to produce more crops.