Historical background of Noni Sub-Division

The Kumbo Central Subdivision was created by Decree No. bb/DF/431 of 26/8/66 and from then onward, the Noni Customary Court Area was administered from Kumbo Central Sub division until 1992 when the Noni Sub Division was created by decree No 92/ 207 of 5/10/92 Code No. E 26/05 with a surface area approximately 325.72 sq km.

Council’s historical profile

The Noni people had a joint council with the Nso and Oku people called Nso Local Council until 1978 when the Elak Rural Council was created for the Oku and Noni people. Subsequently, Nkor Rural Council was created by Decree No 93/322 of 25/11/1993. Prior to its creation, the jurisdiction of Nkor Rural Council was administered jointly with that of Elak Rural Council as Oku-Noni Rural Council, with headquarters at Elak, Oku. Like all the councils of Cameroon, Nkor Council is a decentralized public entity with the status of a corporate body under public law. Since 1978; it has been headed by the following six leaders:

Nkor Council Leaders since 1996

No Name Period Years Served
1 Mr. Thaddeus TABAH July 1996 to August 2002 6 years
2 Mr. Omer NFIYUNGSI August 2002 to 2007 5 years
3 Shey Michael KUME 2007 to 2013 6 years
4 Mr. Francis K. WACHE November 2013 to December 2019 6 years
4 Dr. NCHANJI Germanus NDI March 2013 up till Date