Water Supply

Generally, the potable water supply in the municipality is wanting. This is due to the fact that not all communities are served with potable water. Moreover, people and animals contaminate the tributaries of the main stream that supply water for domestic use. Few communities have water points, while others still fetch water from nearby streams.

Out of the six population concentration centres, only one does not have a water supply scheme- i.e. Din - although Bamti quarter has an old water supply scheme. Nkor town has the Nkor water supply scheme and Mee quarter has a water supply scheme.

Although most of the villages have water supply schemes, they all suffer from the same kind of problems such as:-
Potable water not getting to all quarters:

  • Water not enough;
  • Scheme needing rehabilitation because of age;
  • Catchment source not well protected;
  • Taps needing repairs;
  • Outstanding extension of scheme to all needy persons, etc.


Electricity Supply

Absence of electricity supply is one of the greatest impediments to economic development facing Noni sub division, since the entire sub division is not linked to the AES- SONEL network. As a result, the entire subdivision is plunged into great darkness immediately after sun set. To remedy this difficult situation, many people in the sub division, especially those who run small businesses, have resorted to the use of generators. Generators are thus used in off-licenses, grinding mills, and cinema halls.

The unused SCANWATER generator in Lassin could be used to electrify the Lassin population concentration centre. The council is also thinking of acquiring a big generator, which can even light the streets, while waiting for the day rural electrification will reach the subdivision. The widespread use of generators constitute proof that electricity can be acquired and paid for by the population, if they are provided this amenity.