Road network

Nkor Rural Council has a road network which consists only of rural roads. These roads, which are all earth type, cut across the council area in the form of axis, linking up most villages and quarters. These roads, which cover a total length of 286 km, boil down to footpaths in some areas that are inaccessible.

There is much community effort in the creation and rehabilitation of these roads, with the financial backing of the Council and foreign development partners. Some of these roads are: Nkor - Dom – Banten road, Lassin-Nkor-Dom-Mee - Djottin road and Nkor – Mbinon road which is currently impassible because of collapsed bridges.

Apart from roads, footpaths also play a major role in some inaccessible areas due to the mountainous nature of the area. They are used by croppers to transport their produce from the farms, and by cattle graziers on horsebacks and donkeys. The major cry of the Noni population centres on the improvement of their roads. In addition to horsebacks and human feet, transportation in this municipality is mostly by cars, commonly known as "Clandos". There are also few motorcycles and bicycles that circulate in this area. Below are some of the major roads that cut across the council area.


Only clandestine taxis specifically adapted to ply the very bad roads are commonly used. They are always overloaded with goods, foodstuffs and people. The tariff per head from Nkor to Kumbo is 2’500FCFA and fluctuates during the rainy season from 3000FCFA to 35000FCFA. In the Djottin area, second-hand military trucks from Nigeria are used to transport agricultural produce. The taxis leave Nkor for Kumbo every day by 4 am and return in the evening. Most often if you miss these taxis at this hour it is very unlikely to get another taxi for that day.

Transportation between the villages is very scarce and traffic between the council area and Kumbo is very low. A few bikes transport people mostly on the main market days. The cost is 500FRS from Nkor to Lassin (about 11km only). The cost of fuel in Nkor is 700FCFA per liter. This has raised the cost of goods coming in from Kumbo to a rather high level, and reduced the cost of agricultural products in the council area. The Fulani’s use horses for local transportation. Movement of people between villages is commonly by foot and transportation of food crops from farms is by head load.