In the past, the municipality was very rich in many natural resources. However, due to its population boom and the constant quest for farmland and shelter, these natural resources have been reduced to just the forests and mineral resources. More forest resources still have to be discovered in the remaining patches of forest areas found in the municipality. Resources found in the forest include Timber, Non Timber Forest Products (NTFP), and wildlife.

There is no official data on the type and quantity of each of these resources. Nevertheless, from observations and informants, timber species include Kola nuts, bush plum and honey. Monkeys, antelopes, leopards, and pythons are some of the wildlife found in the forests. Several birds species are also found in the forests- e.g. Tauraco Bannermani (Bannerman's Turaco) from which the red feather for traditional tittles is got), Owls and Bats. Some of the mineral resources that can be found in this area include sand, stones and clay.

However, the council is yet to exploit these minerals to the fullest, especially sand, as exploitation is presently done only artisanally at individual level. There are sand quarries in Lassin and Enkoweh. Although the council has begun controlling sand exploitation, the control needs to be intensified because there is still a lot of illegal exploitation by individuals. The industrial exploitation of the huge sand quarry potential of Enkoweh is subject to the construction of a good access road.