Nkor council area engulfs the entire Noni Subdivision, which is found in Bui Division ofthe North West Province of Cameroon. The estimated surface area of Nkor Council is 325.7 Sq.km. The population is sparsely settled across the Council area under ten (10) traditional fondoms, with six (6) principal concentration zones along the Noni Ring Road at Mbinon, Lassin, Nkor, Dom, Din and Djottin. Nchine, Mee, Ngeptang, Nkale and Bamti are some major quarters linked to the principal population concentration zones of Mbinon, Nkor and Din respectively The Municipality is situated between latitudes 6°38` and 6°.48`north of the equator and longitudes 10° 49’ and 10° 69’ east of the Greenwich meridian (Map 3.1).

The Nkor Council was created by Presidential Decree No.93/322 of 25th November 1993. This decree also stated that Nkor Council shall have the same administrative boundaries as Noni Sub-division. Curiously, the decree that created Noni Sub-division stated that the administrative boundaries of the sub-division shall be defined in a separate text, which text has never seen the light of day. Consequently, neither the boundaries of the Nkor Council nor those of the Noni Sub-division are defined. However, the boundaries of the Noni Customary Court area are well-known and well-defined on IGN Nkambe sheet of 1972. Curiously, in spite of the foregoing fact, Nkor council has boundary disputes with the Nso tribe in the South East, Oku tribe in the South, Kom tribe in the West and Bum tribe in the North.

Map of Nkor