Banking facilities are absent and the Nkor Credit Union plays this role, followed by “Njangis” or local savings and thrift groups. The table below shows activities of the credit union. More credit unions should be opened to serve the population. The major problems encountered by the credit union are the high delinquency rates of about 18%.

On the other hand, indoor games like ludo, draft, cards, snakes and ladder are practiced in some homes.
Video and TV halls are some of the recreational centers that this area has, as private business persons have installed satellite dishes to show films or relay matches such as the CAN games or other football tournaments in Europe etc.

Social Affairs

Within Nkor council area, the most visible vulnerable social groups include the women, youths and the Mbororo/fulanis. These social groups still find it difficult to access investment capital because women, youths and the Mbororo do not have sufficient formal education, sufficient entrepreneurial skills or exposure to income generating activities and do not own land and property for obvious reasons.

Due to their inability to meet the loan requirements of financial institutions, these social groups encounter inequalities in their economic empowerment, and this has a direct impact on their welfare and community development, thereby increasing their vulnerability to various social vices such as HIV, AIDS and child labour.