Looking at the school infrastructure of the municipality, one can clearly see that there is a lot more still to be done. Some schools operate in borrowed structures others in rented structures, yet a majority of the constructed structures have semi - permanent or temporal structures with insufficient classrooms.

A needs assessment of the classroom situation also proves that all of the institutions require classroom needs like benches, tables, chairs, buckets, cups, textbooks, blackboards, bookshelves, stapling machines, first aid boxes and teaching aids, especially for basic education. All schools need recreational facilities. Table 3.6 below shows the summary of the ownership of the Nursery and Primary schools within the council area.

Nursery and Primary Schools statistics


Analysis of the ownership pattern shows that 50% of Nursery and Primary schools are owned by the state, while 23% by the CBC, and then followed by the Catholics with 19%.

Nkor council area has an inspectorate of nursery and primary education, which caters for the schools in the sub division. There is a government high school in Nkor and two private community comprehensive secondary schools at Djottin and Ngeptang (Din). The Noni Literacy centre also exists with main offices at Lassin and Nkor and other reading centres in the villages (see annex for details on the centre).

Most of the secondary schools have permanent structures, compared to basic education infrastructure. The table below illustrates a broad picture of the situation of school buildings in the area. In addition to school structures that need to be constructed in most of the schools, other structures like halls and toilets are equally needed. A needs assessment of the classroom situation as earlier stated under basic education also proves that all of the institutions require classroom needs like benches, tables, chairs, blackboards, bookshelves and teaching aids. All schools need sports complexes.

Health Services and Infrastructures

Nkor Council has one district hospital; 01 health centre; 05 integrated health centres. Problems of health institutions in relation to healthcare are diverse and may be summarized as follows:
• Rather long distances between health institutions, which makes the health coverage very low
• Inadequate personnel in both quantity and quality
• Inadequate equipment and infrastructure even in the existing institutions
• Inadequate budgetary allocations for healthcare by the various families.

Health Care Facilities

Health Units