MTN and ORANGE provide Telecommunication services in the council area. The main problem expressed was that the network is not fully available in all the villages. Some complained of the high cost of calls and recommended that the network coverage should be extended to the entire council area

Access to Radio and Television

The reception of radio and television signals has increased recently due to the acquisition of satellite dishes by individuals and businesspersons. The Savannah Radio of Nkambe, Oku radio and the millennium TV are the main sources of radio and TV media received in the Council area by the people. More often than not, they get their information from external sources like BBC, VOA, RFI, RCI, Nigerian radio stations, etc.

Access to print media

The Council area is quite inaccessible to the print media. The main problem expressed is
that of the inability to purchase the papers.


Absence of electricity supply is one of the greatest impediments to economic development facing Noni sub division, since the entire sub division is not linked to the AES- SONEL network.
As a result, the entire subdivision is plunged into great darkness immediately after sun set. To remedy this difficult situation, many people in the sub division, especially those who run small businesses, have resorted to the use of generators. Generators are thus used in off-licenses, grinding mills, and cinema halls.
The unused SCANWATER generator in Lassin could be used to electrify the Lassin population concentration centre. The council is also thinking of acquiring a big generator, which can even light the streets, while waiting for the day rural electrification will reach the subdivision. The widespread use of generators constitute proof that electricity can be acquired and paid for by the population, if they are provided this amenity.