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NKor Council is the Municipal Administration of Noni Sub-Division in Bui Division, Cameroon. This Council was created by Presidential Decree No 93/322 of 25th November, 1993. The Nkor Council Area corresponds to the Noni Sub-Division, which is one of the 6 Sub-Divisions of Bui Division, in the North West Region of Cameroon.

The population of the Nkor Council Area stands at about 63,487 inhabitants. This Council Administrative area comprises 6 main villages, namely - Nkor, Djottin, Dom, Din, Mbinon and Lassin. By GPS, its surface area is approximately 325.72 Km2. The Nkor Council, like all the councils in Cameroon, is a decentralized public authority having the status of a corporate body under public law.

It has financial autonomy. It is empowered to administer local affairs under the supervision of the State by securing the economic, social, cultural and sporting development of its population.